$15 Minimum Wage

We have a huge income inequality. Currently the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. Our Minnesota workers and families deserve a livable wage.

Single Payer Medicare for All

Maintaining our health is a right, not a privilege. Currently our farmers pay thousands of dollars in premiums and healthcare costs each month. We must take care of our farmers so they can live healthy lives, so they can feed our communities.

Tuition free public education

I will help write legislation to keep a good college education low and affordable, while keeping our young adults here in Minnesota. Many individuals start a career in debt from high tuition costs. Our young adults are our future, and we must invest in them.

Legalize cannabis

We must legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis across the board. We must stop the war on drugs. Cannabis is not a gateway drug, and it is not addictive like tobacco and alcohol are. Tax revenue will help pay for programs that are usually over looked like education and roads.

Water and transportation infrastructure plan that will work for everyone

Many in greater Minnesota do not have great water systems, or safe drinking water, and most of our roads are beyond need of repair. The Minnesota republicans do not have infrastructure budgeted for years to come. It’s time for a change.

Broadband for rural residents and schools

Many rural farmers and students don’t have access to broadband like most of the state does.

Crop subsidies for small and family farmers

Minnesota republicans favor corporate farms over family and small farmers. We must make sure to take care of the farmers that feed our local communities.

Strengthen our unions

We must protect our union brothers and sisters. We must not allow Minnesota become a “Right to Work” State. We must fight against wage theft, and fight for paid family leave. We must fight for a livable wage wage, and create good labor jobs for our unions.